The Gb solar system at Vela 5th and 10th

The Gb solar system at Vela 5° and 10° is designed to maximize
The efficiency of the photovoltaic system by exploiting the entire area of
coverage available.

This innovative system makes it possible to
Recover the area usually left for shading between rows,
Thus increasing the production of solar energy.

The sail-shaped structures are anchored to the roof by ballasts, with no need to drill holes in the roof or use special fasteners.

This makes the installation of the Gb solar system
to Sail quickly and easily, reducing installation time and costs.

The Gb solar system in Vela 5th

The Vela 5° system is particularly suitable for industrial and commercial buildings, where the roof area is often very large and solar energy production can contribute significantly
To the reduction of energy costs.

In addition, the system is compatible with different types of photovoltaic modules,
allowing the system to be customized to the specific needs of the building.




Gb solar’s 5°/10° sail systems are designed with the aim of optimizing the installation of photovoltaic systems, making maximum use of the available roof area.

Compared with conventional systems, they allow about 20 percent more modules to be installed while maintaining the same size.

In addition, when used individually, they allow the front of the plant to be elevated up to 60 cm above the floor, reducing shading caused by any other structures present.

In addition, all ballasts in the GB5 and GB10 lines can be modulated into single rows and single rows with sail.



GB solar east-west systems are designed with the aim of optimizing the installation of photovoltaic systems by zeroing out shading.

The dual orientation of the ballasts and the consequent exposure of the modules allows greater resistance to wind, maximizing the usable area of the slab.

All ballasts in the GB solar line are compatible with the system shown.