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Wind tunnel tested and certified products

Our systems are the ideal solution for anchoring your photovoltaic system

The GB Solar system is the ideal solution for anchoring your PV system in areas subject to high wind loads. In addition to precise wind resistance calculations, GB Solar engages in a series of detailed assessments and offers customized solutions for the optimal installation and fixing of the PV system.

In systems intended for flat roofs, the ballasting calculation must be optimized.

So that the system is aerodynamically positioned and can withstand intense winds smoothly. The key to this process lies in the tests conducted in the wind tunnel.

These are carefully designed to evaluate how the ballast affects the behavior of the system under various wind conditions. The complex structure of such tests takes into account multiple factors, including wind profile, weight distribution and drag.

One test is enough to maximize efficiency.

The wind tunnel provides a controlled environment to realistically simulate weather conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of ballast in ensuring system stability.

This is crucial to minimize environmental impact and ensure a safe and efficient installation.

Qualità e Certificazioni