Configurator: Configure Your Photovoltaic System

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The solar energy industry is constantly evolving, and the design of flat roof photovoltaic systems requires advanced and customized solutions. In this article, we will explore GB Solar’s configurator, which allows you to design and configure PV systems on precast concrete ballasts efficiently and accurately.

The Challenge of Ballasts for the Photovoltaic Sector.

PV ballasts are a crucial element in ensuring the stability and durability of systems. Choosing the right ballasts, in terms of weight and distribution, is critical to ensuring proper ballasting of solar panels, especially on flat roofs exposed to high wind loads.

Configure Your Plant on Ballasts

GB Solar’s configurator is designed to fit the specific needs of each project. With a wide range of options and the ability to configure installations on precast concrete ballasts, customers get a tailor-made solution for their installation.

Optimizes Solar Exposure

One of the strengths of the configurator is the ability to optimize the solar exposure of PV panels. Through detailed analysis, the system suggests the best arrangement of modules to maximize solar energy absorption.

Maximizes Energy Efficiency

By configuring the system according to technical specifications and environmental conditions, the customer can achieve high energy efficiency. The configurator takes into account factors such as panel tilt, geographic orientation and shading to ensure optimal performance

How Does the Configurator Work?

Step 1: Data Entry

The customer provides information on module size, preferred ballast type, and environmental conditions at the installation site.

Step 2: Plant Configuration

The configurator processes the data entered and proposes an optimal plant configuration, taking into account best practices and current regulations.

Step 3: Analysis and Estimate

The customer receives a detailed analysis of the configured system, along with a customized quote that includes all the components needed for installation.

GB Solar’s configurator represents a step forward in optimizing the design and configuration of PV systems. Through a customized approach based on accurate data and in-depth analysis, the client gets a tailor-made, efficient and stable PV system over time. Set up your PV system with GB Solar and enjoy the benefits of solar energy reliably and durably.


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